Before & After

Here are Before & After photograph sliders, as well as Matterport Scans of residential properties we have worked on. Take a look through the virtual tours and feel free to contact us for more examples!


Matterport before & after scans. Look around the damaged properties virtually, then on the next slide view the finished projects that RebuildEx repaired.

Water Damage


Fire Damage


We have a large library of models, showcases, photography and videos documenting our rebuilding process. Whether it is fire damage, mold remediation, storm damage, flooding, tree damage; you name it; we fix it! Send us a request for some proof of our work in the past, we likely have jobs that are close to what you may be dealing with. It is valuable to visualize what others like you have gone through, and see the results at the end of the road. View some of our testimonials here if you have any other doubts. RebuildEx is the premier rebuilding experts of Massachusetts.