What We Can Do For You


RebuildEx specializes in full disaster recovery services. With year-round 24/7 emergency services, nobody offers the level of commitment, professionalism and quality Rebuildex displays.

Estimation Process

Starting with an initial inspection, and an in-depth scope developed with a Matterport 3D Showcase; we create a detailed estimate and negotiate for you with insurance companies to attain what you deserve and fix your property. We find the materials necessary to accomplish the job, whether it be what was lost in the damage or a new look you may be looking to attain. RebuildEx gives weekly status calls/updates to our clients through the reconstruction process. Our work isn’t finished until we have confirmed customer satisfaction.


RebuildEx uses cutting edge technology to help put us above the competition, and stream-line our workflow. Matterport showcases help us and the client visualize and document the rebuilding process. It offers assurance to our clients and the insurance companies we work with through the job. Matterport also gives our workers a virtual boots-on-the-ground experience allowing us to have more eyes on the property and reevaluate the damage from any location at any time. Matterport also produces a floor plan of the property which we use in developing our scopes.

RebuildEx has licensed drone pilots that can give us a unique perspective to your property and damage alike. Through the use of DJI Inspire & Mavic drones, our workers can capture aerial and up-close photography/video of our jobs. This can be used to examine damage and assess the proper actions to take.

RebuildEx also uses DroneDeploy to document aerial coverage of property, which can give us accurate information about area, volume, elevation & more. A DroneDeploy flight takes minutes, and produces a 2D map and 3D model of the property.

Whether a property owner would like to analyze the area of their property, accurately calculate the materials in stockpiles, or track elevation changes, RebuildEx has the technology to keep you in the know and on-track. Every flight is bundled in a folder allowing our clients to compare the progress and changes in their property over time.

Through the use of Hover we can quickly and easily get accurate measurements of the exterior of your property. A quick few snaps of the camera will get us an interactive 3D Model, allowing our clients to visualize what their house will look like after it’s all said and done. These measurements include siding, roofing, windows, doors, trim and more. Using Hover we can digitally recreate your property from the ground up, in the style you’re most satisfied with.